What We Do

In broad terms, Industrial Organisational Psychology is the science of human behaviour in the workplace and an applied discipline within the field of psychology. It is an extremely broad field, encompassing many different approaches to the study of mental processes and behaviour of people at work, home, school, university, business, etc. This field of psychology is dedicated to understanding and managing employment, individual- and organizational relationships. As Industrial Psychologists at CSIP, our field of expertise is within the Medico/ Psycho-Legal sphere, Career Guidance, Individual Counselling and Coaching, Training as well as Organisational Wellness and Development. We encourage optimal growth via interventions which are easy to understand, to apply and maintain.


Through our expertise and experience we provide Medico/Psycho-Legal services which act as the intersection between psychology and the justice system. It involves understanding aspects of the law to provide important information to judges, attorneys and other legal professionals. Assessments of clients are usually on request of an attorney or third party. Based on our interview with the client, as well as expert opinions, research etc., we assess the consequences of the reported accident/incident and the sequelae thereof on the employability, career advancement, career plateau and earning potential of the specific client and provide an expert opinion to the instructing attorneys for presentation in court, if necessary.

Our expert Medico / Psycho-Legal services include

  • In-depth interviews with the client
  • Comprehensive, integrated reports to provide an opinion on possible past- and future loss of income
  • Joint minutes, addendums, pre-trial consultations and expert testimony

Our focus areas include :

  • Accident Claims (Road Accident Fund)
  • Private insurance claims
  • Negligence Claims (Public and Private Sector)
  • Public Liability Claims (Injury on duty/public or private spaces)
  • Maintenance Claims (Loss of Support)


CSIP provides concise and hands-on training programmes for organisational and personal development. We provide training to individuals and organisations as part of our focus on growth and development which includes the following topics (click on the images to choose a training level):

  • Medico/Psycho-Legal Training: Despite the high-profile nature of the discipline, in South Africa, there are no formal training courses in Medico/Psycho-Legal assessment and report writing skills. CSIP aims to contribute to the field of Industrial Psychology, especially the Medico/Psycho-Legal field, by knowledge-sharing, providing guidelines appropriate to the cultural and socio-economic realities of this country and thereby assisting to improve the standard of Medico/Psycho-Legal assessments in South Africa.
  • Soft skills training (stress management, conflict management, interpersonal relationships, communication, goal setting and time management)
  • Customised training sessions according to the client’s specific needs and requirements


Our counselling services aim to provide our clients with professional support in coping with the various challenges of life. We believe in an integrated holistic approach by considering both the internal and external worlds of the individual in his/her unique environment. We focus on a wide variety of issues, which include work-related or personal challenges, stress management and burnout, work-life balance, interpersonal relationships and people living with a disability

  • Counselling sessions with our registered Counselling Psychologist are arranged on Saturdays for your convenience.
  • Our Counselling Psychologist also has extensive experience in the field of people living with a disability, especially hearing impairments. 
  • Sessions can also be arranged via an online platform. 
  • Claim back from your medical aid.

Career Guidance

We conduct in-depth interviews and make use of accredited psychometric assessments to help you understand your winning combination of interests, abilities and personality traits o make realistic, practical and informed career decisions. Our holistic approach includes a variety of reliable psychometric assessments as well as an in-depth personal interview which allows you to gain a better understanding of yourself, your interests, abilities and career options.

Our focus areas include : 

  • Subject choices (high school learners)
  • Study options (High school learners and graduates)
  • Workplace readiness guidance (graduates)
  • Career changes and development (adults)

Individual Mentoring

CSIP aims to provide individuals with the expertise, knowledge and guidance needed within the psycho/medico-legal field.  Guidance is focused on helping individuals with report-writing skills and knowledge. Whether you need guidance with postulations or have uncertainties about scenarios/postulations in general, what earnings scales to use and why, how to postulate career paths, etc. we are here to assist. Our experience and professional network allow us to provide you with expert guidance and advice. These individual sessions are conducted via an online platform.

Quality in a service is not what you put into it, but what the customer gets out of it.

- Peter Drucker -