Three consecutive workshops covering everything you need to know about the Medico/Psycho-legal field.

The interface between psychology, medical and law – also known as psycho/medico-legal – is a rapidly expanding and exciting field of study. After numerous enquiries, our team at CSIP has identified the need to equip and empower students, interns and/or professionals with knowledge and skills (within their specific scope) to enter this industry and make an informed decision on whether they want to pursue a career within this specialised field. Many students, interns and even registered professionals have never been exposed to the “psycho/medico-legal” industry before, yet they pursue such a career path with great expectations only to realise their vast lack of skills and knowledge resulting in despondency or poor work quality.

You will learn more about how:

  • Psycho/Medico-Legal experts understand the issues and requirements when asked to provide assessments, particularly in courts of law.
  • Conflicting judicial and professional requirements regarding the duties of mental health practitioners may be resolved.
  • To implement the practical implications of South Africa’s changing legislation for psycho-legal practice.

Despite the high-profile nature of the discipline, in South Africa, there are no formal training courses in psycho/medico-legal assessment and report writing skills. CSIP aims to contribute to the field of Industrial Psychology, especially the psycho/medico-legal field, by knowledge-sharing, providing guidelines appropriate to the cultural and socio-economic realities of this country and thereby assisting to improve the standard of psycho/medico-legal assessments in South Africa.